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Get Visible With Virtual:5 Days To 5 Figure Months With Kingdom Virtual Events Recordings

Want my #1 strategy that has allowed me to earn as much as $70,000 in a single month?

For the first time ever, I am giving you the recordings to the #1 Live Virtual Event for Purpose Driven Coaches, Consultants and Experts, the Get Visible With Virtual:5 Days To 5 Figure Months Masterclass!

You will get 5 days and over 15 hours of pure content I have taught thousands and will discover step-by-step how to leverage Kingdom Virtual Events.

You'll discover how to create virtual events fast, how to monetize them, how to attract the right people to them and how to launch them and so much more!

Kingdom Virtual Events works for brand new coaches/consultants as well as season veterans. This strategy gives you instant credibility, authority positioning, allows you to stand out in the crowded space online, creates transformation for your audience, builds out your community and tribe, grows your brand, increases your reach, make sales consistently and creates a buying environment for your audience.

I'll also throw in 2 additional Bonus days showing you How to Guarantee Success No Matter What and the 5 Shifts Needed To Create A 6-Figure Plus Business Today totaling 7 full days!

If you want to make high ticket sales in your business fast, predictably and consistently, GET THIS ASAP.  

Attracting The Right Visitor

Want to draw the ideal targeted traffic to your website and social media pages?

Inside 'ATTRACTING THE RIGHT VISITOR', you'll discover how to attract your ideal target market, How to choose the right medium and message, social media marketing traffic tricks, the 3 temperatures, branding secrets that hook people in and I'll throw in some templates you can use now on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc and so much more.

Stop trying to sell meat to vegetarians and avoid the mistakes so many entrepreneurs online today are making by trying to force feed their products and services to people who are simply not interested.

This is the dilemma for over 80% today who simply do not know how to get targeted traffic to their site.  Want to discover the traffic methods today to draw in your ideal visitor?  Then, grab this training today now! 

Producer Pack

Want To Be More Productive?

 Grab the NEW Producer Pack so you can maximize your time, get more done and feel good about yourself.

 You will get 3 Trainings/Resources with the Producer Pack including: Overcoming Procrastination, Productivity Secrets and a Daily Action Plan! I had added some surprise Bonuses that you are going to love too!

 If you find yourself always leaving tasks undone daily, putting things off, running out of time and not being clearly organized on your daily income producing activities, this will truly help you tremendously!

Copywriting Secrets To Sell

The most important skill in business and marketing is copywriting.

The words you use in your messaging, videos, printed posts and content and how effective it is will determine how much success you will have or not.

In COPYWRITING SECRETS TO SELL, you will discover the most effective techniques and strategies from the winning headline formulas, the structure of your messaging, how to make people believe you are God sent, access to my swipe file and which type of emails to use to make more sales and so much more!

20 Kingdom Laws of Success

Want to Guarantee Success? 

I, like you, thought it is impossible to guarantee success until my business increased over 800% from 2019 to 2020 in the middle of a pandemic.

God has created laws and principles that work no matter who you are if you are aligned with them. The problem is most people are not aware of them, so they toil, struggle, and eventually fail. Until now!

If you are ready to claim what is yours, leverage the laws God has created for you to win, and SAVE BIG, add this now!

Video Hero!

Discover how to increase your sales by conversions by 83% using Video Hero!


This amazing program has transformed the lives and businesses of hundreds of entrepreneurs. In VIDEO HERO!, you will discover the '5 Components To Make Videos That Sell', How to Attract 3X The People Without Ever Showing Your Face on Camera, and One Trick That Got Me 500% More Views On YouTube.

You will also see 'How To Make Top Notch Videos For Free', 'The Best Videos To Make In Your Niche', 'How To Maximize Live Streaming Videos' and more!  

As a special Bonus for adding this now, I'll throw in 2 recorded coaching sessions I did with my higher paying clients teaching Video Marketing 101 and Video Marketing 201. Each session is 2 hours in length! I'll also have some surprises for you too when you get in the Video Hero! now!

Getting Leads HOOKED

The secret to generating high quality leads is having high quality bait!

Inside 'GETTING LEADS HOOKED', you'll discover the exact steps to take to get your 'right visitor' to your site to now become a lead.

If they don't become a lead, they can't become a customer so this is vital to your success.

Also, in this program, you'll discover how to create the right bait in your business, how to create the right funnel landing page to gets lots of leads, the 21 ways to get leads, the top 7 lead magnets that have people chomping at the bit for your offer, undercover list building strategies that will make all the gurus mad and plus I'm throwing in a template that only my high end clients use to create amazing cheatsheets and guides and more.

Ready to get lots of quality leads in your pipeline? Then, grab this training today now! 

The Authority Blueprint

Imagine this scenario...What if you were suddenly recognized as a Global Expert and Authority In Your Niche? What if YOU suddenly became in Great Demand…Regardless of Your Price? What if YOU became a CELEBRITY ONLINE in your space?

Sound like a stretch?

I used to think so too until it happened to Me. In the past 5 years, I’ve sold over $1,000,000 between my own products and services, affiliate sales and the promotions I’ve created for clients.

I’ve also used the exact same thing I’m about to share with you to become one of the most sought after internet marketing coach and consultant to the information and online education marketing industry.

The Thing That Got Me There is Personal Marketing Mastery.
It’s all in how people look at you and there’s a BLUEPRINT for “being seen and respected so you can earn as an authority online now.”

You can get it step by step right now inside THE AUTHORITY BLUEPRINT!

How To Sell 3X More of Your Stuff!

People hate to be sold but they love to buy!

That is so true but so many entrepreneurs struggle with selling.

Would you love to sell more of your stuff today? I have been in sales and marketing for over 23 years so I think I know a thing or two about this topic. When I had a job, it was a sales job, and I won trips to resorts all over the world because of my selling skills.

 In 'HOW TO SELL 3X MORE OF YOUR STUFF', I will show you the psychology behind making sales that very few know, you will discover how to close 85% of all prospects via text, email, phone, chat, etc. too with this method.

If you don't know what to say when someone tells you "I don't have the money" or "I need to think about it" or whatever they say, I will teach you how to overcome any objection so you can get down to the core and that is helping your potential clients make a decision. If you want to sell more, Add this now!

Crafting The Perfect Offer

When I coached mortgage and real estate professionals, the biggest hurdles they faced were tons of competition and selling the same thing everyone else is. In other words, selling a commodity and just being "another rep".

Once I repackaged what they offered no matter how much the competition was, they doubled and some even tripled their sales volume by simply crafting the perfect offer. Mike sold over $1,000,000 in 6 months. Nuris sold over $750,000 in 5 months and Steve got so busy he had to hire his son to help.

In CRAFTING THE PERFECT OFFER, you will see there is a huge difference between an offer and your products/service. Also, you’ll discover the one nugget only multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure earners know and how to quickly become the “go-to” person regardless of the competition. No, I’m not being overly dramatic. Add this now!

The Winner's Mindset

Are you aware that 92.8% of your success is how you think and your mindset?

Most people are shocked when they hear that because almost daily someone is reaching out to me for the right marketing and sales strategies to grow their business, yet even if I told them what to do, less than 10% would succeed!

 You can give 10 people can have the same teaching, training, products and services, yet only 1 out of the 10 would truly prosper! It comes down to mindset! If you have challenges and struggles with procrastination, fear, doubt, success habits, making decisions, getting things done, attracting great clients and more, when you get THE WINNER'S MINDSET, you will quickly discover how to become a 3 percenter now!

Three percent of the population controls 90% of the wealth while the remaining 97% fight for the smaller 10% and it starts with the winning mindset. Add The Winner's Mindset now and you'll be so glad that you did.

Email Marketing Mastery

Ever heard the saying, "the money is in your list"?

In E-MAIL MARKETING MAGIC, you'll discover the secrets to growing your email list and making more sales while being cool. This works if you already have an existing email list or if you need to start creating one from scratch. 

I will also give you 20 Emails That Sells and let you copy the entire file as well as over 50 of the Top Email Subject Lines today!

If you don't know this, you are truly missing out on the money you should be generating.  

Get this now!

Client Magnet Pro

In, ‘CLIENT MAGNET PRO’, you will discover the right type of marketing, branding, and sales strategies that makes you so attractive to your ideal clients, they will be loyal to you for years. Most people spend too much time and money on the wrong people, when you add ‘CLIENT MAGNET PRO’ now, your life and business will be so much easier.

Sales Funnels Magic

Sales funnels are 100 times better than regular websites. In fact, you have seen the power and magic of a well-thought and effective sales funnel right here.

In SALES FUNNEL MAGIC, I pull the curtain behind how to effective create, use and leverage sales funnels in your business. I show how the best sales funnels to make, how to leverage the One Time Offer in a funnel, the #1 strategy funnel to use today and so much more!

I take the guessing and the technical difficulty out of sales funnels so you can begin to cash in now in your business by leveraging one, two or three plus sales funnels today! Add this now.

Kingdom Discovery Library

Want To Discover The Kingdom Jesus Taught?

Jesus is not a religious man! In fact, when he came to Earth 2,000 years ago, He did not bring a religion nor start one called Christianity.

He actually re-introduced the Kingdom of God to all. In fact, religious folks was His biggest opposition so why would He bring the very thing that caused his death?

In KINGDOM DISCOVERY LIBRARY, you will discover the difference between a Kingdom and a religion, a democracy vs a religion and more.  You will also discover why for over 1,800 years we have lost the true message of Christ and settle for a religion instead.

You will discover your purpose and assignment and what you are supposed to be doing on Earth today.  You will discover your TRUE IDENTITY as well as the principles to live and govern your life by. 

This will give you the paradigm shift that will transform your life and the lives of others you are called to influence. GET THIS NOW!