God's Masterpiece Academy presents...

Kingdom Discovery Challenge

Discover your Kingdom identity, assignment and purpose to 
create the impact and influence you were put here to do! 


We Start Thursday, Dec 16th!

Seeking God For Your Identity, Purpose & Assignment?

Hi! I'm Chris

If you said, "YES", then you probably have been yearning for more direction and clarity for a while now but have been unable to find it with the following in your life and business:

 Burned out with the "traditional" church and its powerless traditions and rituals

​​​ Working hard for financial blessings yet coming up short

​​​ Knowing there has to be more to life than what you are seeing but have yet to find it

​ Trying everything under the sun to find meaning and fulfillment but still empty inside

​ Giving tithes yet seeing very little fruit

​ Spending lots of time and money around those who do not align with your values


 Doubting if God actually wants you to prosper in life and business

  ​Feeling like your prayers are going unanswered

  ​Wanting to leave a legacy but feel time is running out

  ​​Inner conflict resulting from mentors who do not share your same values

​ Stuck in your limiting beliefs about God, others and yourself

 Tirelessly searching for those who "get" your dreams and desires for a profitable Kingdom business without being condemned

The sum of all this endless activity has produced nothing but inconsistency in your walk, disappointment, frustration, doubt, anger, insecurity and numbing pain. 


I felt the exact same way too when the monotonous, ritualistic weekly church services left me feeling more drained than fulfilled. I knew something was missing.

But what I found through many painful and tear-filled nights searching the Scriptures was the one thing every human no matter their philosophy or religious beliefs is seeking the moment they get here...


And once you discover the Kingdom, you are just like the man in Matthew 13:44, ”The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.

Your life, your business, your perspective and your reason for existence will radically shift like it did for me over 2 years ago despite being a Licensed Minister, seminary student and a Believer for over 20+ years!

I look forward to this Kingdom Discovery Challenge with you because your life will never be the same!

Christopher S. Harold
Founder of God's Masterpiece Rapid Success System, 
Kingdom Marketing Secrets Podcast and Author of Kingdom Affirmations!


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What you will get access to inside the 

Kingdom Discovery Challenge

Day 1: IDENTITY - Kingdom Citizenship

 Understanding Kingdoms, Colonization and how it differs from Religion and your role

 Knowing your rights, responsibilities and privileges you have now

 The truth about the church and why most pastors avoid this topic

Day 2: INTEGRITY - Kingdom Principles and Laws

 How to guarantee success without begging, pleading or even asking for it 

 What to do if your prayers are not being answered

 The #1 reason you are not prospering and it’s not because you’re not giving tithes

Day 3: IMPACT - Kingdom Assignment and Purpose

 You need to find your purpose, right? Wrong! How seeking it actually prevents you from discovering it.

 When it’s OK to hurt the feelings of others

 Say goodbye to powerless, passive and puny faith

BONUS Session 4: INFLUENCE - Kingdom Marketing

 7 ways to get more clients online

 How to eliminate the fear of technical overwhelm online

 What to do if social media is gone and still double your leads, clients and sales

 How to sell without selling

 What you should never do when using social media marketing

BONUS Session 5: INVADE 
- Kingdom Economics

 The little-known secret to unlimited financial resources

 Why the “law of money” works and what you should never pray for

 The truth about the 30-60-100-fold multiplication and how to leverage it in your favor

 How to increase your monthly income between $700-$2500 on average without extra work


How Does This Work?
This is a 3-Day Live Interactive Masterclass and it's FREE but registration is required. Once you register, you'll get a link to access the "Kingdom Discovery Challenge" with Christopher Harold" private Facebook group. Each day during the sessions, I will be teaching live at 7 pm (Eastern Time) inside the Facebook group where you can interact with others, post your breakthroughs and challenges, and grow with a community of like-minded Believers. We advise you block off 90-120 minutes daily as we guarantee you won't want to miss a thing.
How Do I Know This Is For Me?
If you want discover your Kingdom identity, assignment and purpose to create the impact and influence you were put here to do, this is for you! Also, if you're an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, professional or expert and you want to attracts new clients online in a fast, consistent and predictable way, and grow your wealth God's way, then Yes this and the Bonus Sessions are for you. 
Is The Challenge Live or Pre-Recorded?
100% LIVE, so be ready to show up and take action to get maximum results. What you are about to discover could literally transform your life forever.
What Will I Gain From This?
Everyone is busy and flooded with information. That is why I created this challenge to be simple and direct. My goal is to reduce the confusion, bondage, and misunderstanding of the Kingdom of God in Christendom and the ineffectiveness traditional religion has in the world while also make the Kingdom business-building process into actionable, bite-sized chunks so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. I'm reducing this big task into a step-by-step process so that you can take consistent action.
Will I Have Access To The Replays If I Can't Make One of The Trainings?
Yes, for 24 hours after each day's session, you will be able to catch up on the replays. VIP Premiere members will receive LIFETIME access to every session, two additional bonus sessions and more amazing Bonuses so you have the knowledge at your fingertips when you want to review it again and again.
Why Are You Doing This?
I want to add massive value to the Kingdom and its citizens who want to fully understand the Gospel of the Kingdom which is the only gospel Jesus proclaimed. I want to know who you are so you can bring Heaven on Earth the way God planned for you to do.  Also, I believe the Kingdom is "taste and see." You can get a "taste" of what God's Masterpiece Rapid Success System is like to see if you want to continue further.

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