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  •  Start with a one-on-one call where we actually LISTEN and learn al about your offer, who you want as a customer, and what your sales process is like…
  •  Do the "boring stuff" like make sure the Business Manager is set up right, make sure ad account is set up right, make sure it's connected to your page, and get all the pixels set up…
  •  Do the research and find 20 different target audiences to show your ad to. (You don't have to use them all ...but it's better to have options than to rely on just one.)
  • ​Create an ad that's designed to do what you want it to do! We handle the image, the copy, and everything in between …
  • ​Document the entire process so you'll know exactly how everything works. (Just in case you want it).
  • ​Set everything up in a campaign so you can just press "go" and take it from there …
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